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TerraPi  Raspberry Pi Power Button
  • TerraPi  Raspberry Pi Power Button
  • TerraPi  Raspberry Pi Power Button switch
  • TerraPi Power Button

TerraPi Power Button

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A power button for the TerraPi vertical cases  (backwards compatible). It comes in Red and Black variations and has a dupont 2 wire pin for the GPIO headers. 
It enables a graceful shutdown and power on of the Pi (code required)

The length of the cable is 10cm (from the base of the switch to the top of the dupont pins)

This button is ONLY for the VERTICAL TerraPi cases (including the TerraPi Q). It will fit the ALPHA version as well but the orientation will not be a push-down-button one.
The Power button for the Alpha will be released shortly.

Color: Red

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How to enable the Power Button functionality without any code on the Raspberry Pi

  • Connect the two pins on PIN 5 (GPIO 3) and 6 (ground) - polarity is irrelevant.
  • Then open the /boot/config.txt file with any text editor and add the following line at the very bottom:


Reboot your Pi and you are done!

Now pressing the button will result in a gracefull shutdown and if the Pi is in shutdown mode, pressing the button will power it on!
No more yanking the USB power cable and corrupted SD cards (or SSD file systems), you can now use your Pi as a regular computer or server.

GPIO Pinout