• The StackeRPi -  a stackable case for Raspberry Pi 3 & 4
  • The StackeRPi -  a stackable case for Raspberry Pi 3 & 4

The StackeRPi - a stackable case for Raspberry Pi 3 & 4

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The StackeRPi is an open frame case that can house all Raspberry Pi models (2, 3B and 4) as well as any compatible board. It also supports the use of PoE hats to power the Pi from the PoE switch. 

You can simply add as many RPis as you want, by using the StackeRPi-X frame (available here).
It comes with a 40x40mm fan hat that can provide cooling for your SBC. You can also use it without the hat if your Pi has heatsinks and the workloads do not make it hot.
In the kit, you get the top and bottom part, 4x 30mm spacers, an allen key and 4 black and 4 red anti-slip feet, so you can choose the look you want!

By using different colors of the StackeRPi-X frames you can achieve a red/black or black/red combination!

The Raspberry Pi and 40mm Fan depicted here are NOT included in the price


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The need for a Raspberry Pi Cluster that is good looking, easy to assemble and infinite expandable is what gave birth to the StackeRPi case.
Every part of the stack is easily assembled in under one minute and can be equaly easily dissasembled. 

The StackeRPi base unit (this product) comes with a top and bottom part that is closedf to protect the Pi. It includes a fan hat for better cooling.
The fan hat can be excluded with the bolts provided to mount the Pi without the fan hat.

It is expandable to as many as you can stack! No hard limit but if you go over 5 there may be stability issues of the whole construction.

In the kit are:

1x Top part
1x Bottom part
1x Fan Hat
4x 30mm standoffs
4x Red anti-slip feet
4x Black anti-slip feet
Set of bolts and allen key to match.

The parts are 3D printed using very high quality biodegradable material (ROHS compliant)


Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing and Assembly

Download (367.43k)

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