Mega Heat Sink for Raspberry Pi 4
  • Mega Heat Sink for Raspberry Pi 4

Mega Heat Sink for Raspberry Pi 4

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This is a large heat sink that snuggly fits only the Raspberry Pi 4B. It provides a very large surface and is great for active and passive cooling.

Comes in BLACK and COPPER colours and has a self-adhesive thermal pad for mounting on the Pi.

Please read the detailed description before buying!

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The sticky adhesive backing keeps everything in place and helps conduct heat, allowing the heatsink to release the heat via no less than 98 low-profile fins.

Being just 5mm tall, these will fit under many HATs (but not all - please check before buying) making it a great cooling solution for all users.

Does not work with the Raspberry Pi PoE HAT.

**Only for the Raspberry Pi 4 - this heatsink will not fit any other model of Raspberry Pi.

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