VLMP Heat Set Insert Press
  • VLMP Heat Set Insert Press
  • VLMP Heat Set Insert Press
  • VLMP Heat Set Insert Press
  • VLMP Heat Set Insert Press
  • VLMP Heat Set Insert Press
  • VLMP Heat Set Insert Press
  • VLMP Heat Set Insert Press
  • VLMP Heat Set Insert Press
  • VLMP Heat Set Insert Press
  • VLMP Heat Set Insert Press

VLMP Heat Set Insert Press

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The VLMP Heat Set Insert Press is a vertical linear motion press; a heat set insert tool. It’s a partially 3D printed tool that allows for mounting of a soldering iron so that when pressing brass heat set inserts into 3D printed parts they can be done with precision and control making your results squarer and more consistent.

This product requiers assembly! Assembly and buyers guide documentation: VLMP Guide

Soldering iron is NOT included.

The grip for your soldering iron is tapered to ensure vertical positioning. Please see pic
Please measure the diameter of your iron at the lowest point  (D1) just beofre the end of the grip and at about 30mm higher (D2)

Grip Dimensions: Please provide below the D1 and D2 meausrements of your soldering iron

Product customization

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  • 250 char. max
  • 250 char. max
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Soldering Iron Compatibility

Since the grip can be any size any off the shelf soldering iron should work fine. Share your grip sizes in the discord or google form so that we can get as many soldering irons validated as possible.

VLMP Heat Set Insert Press Features

  1. Customisable grip to fit any soldering iron
  2. Easily adjustable counterbalance
  3. V-slot wheels and extrusion for smooth linear motion
  4. Built-in handle
  5. Designed for easy assembly
  6. Adjustable stop for repeatable insert precision
  7. 3D printed parts you can print at home



  • Hardware
    • This is the hardware for assembly, with no printed parts
    • This includes all the screws, nuts, wheels, extrusion etc.
  • Printed Parts
    • This is the 3D printed parts for assembly, with no hardware
    • Supplied parts are printed in PLA in your selected colour
    • The grip is printed in ABS Black
  • Soldering Tips and Inserts
    • Includes soldering iron Insert tips for M3, M4 and M5 with 25 brass inserts
    • The tip dimension on the soldering iron side are: OD = 6.22, ID = 4.22, depth = 23.25



The assembly of the VLMP Heat Set Insert Press is really straightforward, you probably don’t need more than a picture to do it, but nevertheless, I’ve made a full step-by-step manual which is available here: VLMP Guide

You’ll need a few tools:

  • 2mm Hex/Allen Key
  • 3mm Hex/Allen Key
  • 8mm Spanner/Socket (for M5 Nuts)
  • 10mm thin spanner (for V-slot Wheel Adjustment)


Get Support for VLMP Heat Set Insert Press

The best place to get support is the Vector 3D Discord, post in the #vlmp channel and you’ll find help from me or other builders.

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