Easy OctoPi 3D Printing Companion
  • Easy OctoPi 3D Printing Companion
  • Easy OctoPi 3D Printing Companion
  • Easy OctoPi 3D Printing Companion
  • Easy OctoPi 3D Printing Companion
  • Easy OctoPi 3D Printing Companion

Easy OctoPi 3D Printing Companion

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The perfect companion for your 3D printer
If you've ever considered running OctoPrint but weren't quite sure about the set up, we've made the entire process super simple.
In just a few steps and 5 minutes, you'll be up and running with your very own EasyOctoPi

What's in the box:

Raspberry Pi 3B+
Genuine Power Supply (for EU/UK/US/AU)
Case with Power Button and LED
SD Card preloaded with EasyOctoPi
Various nuts and bolts for mounting on 3D printer.

Links to download and print your own mounting adapter, depending on your individual printer.

USB A to B short cable (30cm/1ft)
USBMicro to USB A short cable (30cm/1ft)

The 3D Printers shown in the pictures are not included in the price and are for illustration purposes only!

Color: Orange
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With both desktop and 'on printer' configurations, you can choose the mounting option and USB cable length to suit your EasyOctoPi installation
We've considered mounting systems for many popular printer models. These include, but are not limited to the popular 2020 extrusion based printers predominantly from China, the Prusa MK3 family, Prusa Mini family, Zaribo and Bear frame printers as well as 3030 extrusion based 3d printers.

We've even added a button for various functions including power on, reboot and shutdown.
This protects your SD card from becoming corrupt when simply disconnecting the power from you Pi

With it's own wifi hotspot, you can connect and configure your installation from your mobile or desktop browser.
Do you need to change and reconfigure to use a different wifi network? We can do that too

With a brilliant LED, you can see the status of your button presses and other important activities

The EasyOctoPi uses the popular Octoprint ecosystem, developed by Gina Häußge and a large community of Open Source developers.

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