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TerraPi Raspberry Pi SSD Case
  • TerraPi Raspberry Pi SSD Case
  • TerraPi Raspberry Pi SSD Case

TerraPi Raspberry Pi SSD Case / RPi NAS Server Case with FAN Hat

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The TerraPi Raspberry Pi SSD Case / Pi NAS Server Case 

Also known as the TerraPi rig!

Comes in Fan Hat or Fanless variations and in 3 different colors.
You can now use one or two SSD or 2.5" HDD drives with your Pi!
The Raspberry Pi SSD Case / Pi NAS Server Case  supports all Pi versions! It is ideal for use as a Pi NAS storage solution
and / or a headless server, running Own Cloud, Nextcloud or Open Media Vault (OMV)

The Product consists of the 3D printed parts, assembly material (screws etc) and assembly instructions.

The Raspberry Pi, USB Adapter,Fan and SSD/HDD depicted in the pictures are not included in the price and are for illustration purposes only!

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Raspberry Pi NAS Case / Raspberry Pi 4 SSD Case

A Raspberry Pi SSD Case with a FAN Hat! With the release of Raspberry Pi 4, a lot of possibilities are now available.
The USB3 to SATA adapter will provide a much higher speed  of data transfer than the SD card.
You can use the Pi as a NAS Server, Surveillance station or even a Web server.
The TerraPi is perfect for projects like FreeNas, Open Media Vault, OwnCloud or NextCloud.

Raspberry Pi 3 & Raspberry Pi 4 Nas Case 

The TerraPi case fits all Raspberry Pi models, including Raspberry Pi 3B and of course Raspberry Pi 4. It comes in 2 variations, for one or two SSD drives, which is the maximum supported with a standard Pi power supply of 3Amp. Using the Pi with 2 SSD drives and a lower amp power supply, can lead to data corruption or even damage your board.
The case is produced from high quality biodegradable material which is also RoHS compliant.

With these new exciting features, you need more space. Now with the INUX3D Raspberry Pi SSD Case you can! The case is compact and supports both the RPI 3B+ and the RPI 4.
Additionally this open frame Case has a fan hat (optional) since the RPI4 is notorious for high temperatures.


The case comes with a set of mounting screws for the Pi and the Disk.

Also when using an external disk, please make sure you have a power supply of at least 3Amp or more as the drives consume more power.
The official RPI Power Supply with 3A is supplying enough power.

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Data sheet

FAN Dimensions
RoHS Compliant


Assembly Instructions

TerraPi v5 M2.5 RevB

Download (379.18k)

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