TerraPi LP - An SSD vertical Case for LattePanda

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TerraPi SSD Case for LattePanda SBC. It comes with a fan hat and a 40mm 5V fan for optimal cooling of the Latte Panda.
The kit comes in black high quality bio-recyclable material and assembly bolts for all components. 

It is possible to use it also without the fan hat.

The kit is open frame, and provides access to all the functional buttons of the LattePanda as well as the functional pins.

The Latte Panda, USB to SATA adapter and SSD Drive depicted here are NOT included in the price!


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The LattePanda is a development board that comes with Windows 10 preinstalled. It also has a 32GB and 64GB version for onboard storage.
With the TerraPi LP case, you can now add more external storage using an SSD and a USB3 to SATA adapter. It expands your available storage and allows for storing more data and installing more programs.

The fan is placed above the cpu block and provides enough cooling without disturbing noise.

Any USB adapter can be used as long as it is supported by Windows 10.

The TerraPi LP is produced by INUX3D using additive manufacturing process and the highest quality biodegradable materials. It is also RoHS compliant.

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TerraPi LP assembly instructions

Technical Drawing and Assembly

Download (367.4k)