Raspberry Pi DIN Mount Clips

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Raspberry Pi DIN Mount Clips

Easily mount your RaspberryPi on a DIN Rail. Made from high quality PLA. Comes with mounting screws.
Part of the DIN Rail mount product line, this product securely mounts your RaspberryPi on a DIN Rail horizontally.
Set of 2 clips

Compatible with all RaspberryPi models and many relay boards.

Will fit DIN rails of all lengths!
This is a 3D printed product, manufactured in our factory.
Please allow for some minor cosmetic imperfections due to the 3D printing process.
RoHS Compliant material

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Horizontal Mounting Clips for Raspberry Pi

This kit is for suitable for all models and versions or Raspberry Pi and compatible boards.
It is made from PETG material and is heat resistant up to 80C. The clips have a flexible end that allows them to clip on to the DIN rail.

In smart homes and industrial environments, where automation and sensor readings are important, the Raspberry Pi and its family of relays, sensors and other GPIO compatible accessories provide an affordable and practical solution.

The kit provides an easy way to mount your Pi on the DIN rail, an industry standard for electrical installations.
It comes with 4 mounting screws to secure your Pi on the clips.
Power can be provided via DIN Power supplies (as seen in pictures) or the standard PSU.

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